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Acus OneForStrings 6TW 130W RMS Acoustic Guitar Amplifier


Brand: Acus

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Equipped with 3 inputs (Two Mic-Line and one Line) with controls for Gain, 3-Band EQ, Effect Send, Volume. The Master Section features Direct Out electronically balanced output, RCA stereo Input and RCA stereo Output. 
Stereo volume IN, stereo volume OUT, PHANTOM switch, effect RETURN, and MASTER volume.

Frequency Response: 50Hz - 20kHz
Max Power Out: 130W RMS
System format: 2 way biamp
Woofer Power: 90W RMS
Tweeter / Horn Power: 40W RMS
Sensitivity 1W 1m: 92dB
SPL MAX: 114dB
Crossover: Electronic
Woofer size: 6"
High Freq driver: Compression tweeter
Box: 2 way bass reflex 
Construction: Plywood 
Weight: 10.5kg
Height: 34.5cm
Width: 28.5cm
Depth: 29cm

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