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MusicomLAB EFX Lite 6M audio controller - Used


Brand: Gladesville Guitar Factory

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Pre-loved and in excellent working condition - Details from MusicomLAB website below:

The EFX LITE 6M Audio Controller is the ultimate floor-based switching system.
It is a compact, easy to use, has 6 fully programmable loops and a MIDI foot controller.
The EFX LITE 6M Audio Controller has 60 memory locations, configured as 15 banks of 4 presets, plus a global preset. It can transmit 2 MIDI Program Change messages on 2 MIDI channels and 8 MIDI Control Change messages on an appointed MIDI channel.
The EFX LITE 6M Audio Controller has a low-noise, high quality buffer to prevent the loss of guitar signal. Is made of high quality parts, including heavy-duty stomp switches and gold-plated relays.
Cased within a compact and rugged aluminium enclosure.

  • 15 banks of 4 presets(60 memory locations) plus 1 global preset which is common to all banks
  • 6 true bypass effect loops(4 series + 2 separate)
  • 2 separate loops(loop 5 and 6) will act as footswitches like those amp channel switching
  • Utilizes a low-noise and high quality buffer to prevent the loss of guitar signal
  • Mute function and Popping noise reduction control
  • Tuner out(tune at any time while playing)
  • MIDI IN and OUT
  • Trasmits 2 MIDI Program Changes on 2 MIDI channels, 8 MIDI Control
  • Changes on appointed MIDI channels
  • 1 MIDI Control Change for Tap-Tempo
  • Editor software for PC
  • Heavy-duty footswitches and gold-plated relays
  • Powered by 12VDC(center negative) 150mA
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