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Selah Scarlett Love V3 Overdrive Pedal


Brand: Selah Effects


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Nigel Hendroff's signature overdrive.

After many months of hard work Selah are happy to announce the release of the Scarlett Love V3. Like the V2 the V3 will have 3 clipping options, TS, Plexi and the new Germanium clipping. The germanium clipping uses NOS Russian made diodes similar to those found in a popular horsey pedal. It’s not a Klone, just a different flavor. Selah have replaced the tone control with an active 3 band EQ to give you more flexibility in dialling in your sound. The MIDI input on the back allows you to remotely turn the pedal on and off and switch between the 3 diode settings. Switching between diode settings can also be easily done without the MIDI.

Note: We recommend using a quality isolated power supply (9V centre negative), to power this pedal

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