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Bourgeois Custom OM Guitar Adirondack and Indian Rosewood w/Case - Used


Brand: Bourgeois

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Bourgeois Custom OM Guitar Adirondack and Indian Rosewood w/Case - Used

Good condition. Restrung with elixir 12-53

Quoting Dana Bourgeois, "Back in the early 80's I had a great opportunity to work on very many pre-war OMs. Due to their lack of metal neck reinforcement, almost all were totally unplayable. They had probably been so for quite some time, which would explain why, as a group, they appeared to be in otherwise spectacular condition. In spite of appearances, however, most of these guitars didn't sound as good one would expect. Over time I found that stabilizing the rigidity of the neck and setting it to the proper complimentary angle--relative to the degree of flexibility of the top (or it's present state of deterioration, in some cases--could transform a ho-hum OM into a monster. Remember, these are small guitars. I found that the best OMs can sound almost as big as a dreadnought, but you've got a much narrower window in which to make all the parts work as a unit."

The Vintage OM is a culmination of Dana's nearly four decades of experience in repairing, restoring and building the legendary Orchestra Model. It comes standard with an Adirondack spruce top--just like the originals--and is appointed identically to their Vintage Dreadnought, with ivoroid binding, herringbone top trim, short pattern Abalone squares and diamond fingerboard inlays, vintage style pick guard & top toner, and nickel Waverly Tuners. The OM is the only model in which he scallops both sides of the X brace, as a result of its natural need for a little extra help in bottom register.

Because of its characteristic superb balance, clarity of voice, and sustaining top register, the OM was once thought of as the quintessential fingerstyle guitar. It still is. It's not surprising, however, that more than a few players have begun to realize that these same characteristics are also highly employable for a diverse variety of applications. (Bourgeois has, in fact, built a reputation on their ability to make Dreadnoughts sound like giant OMs--which is exactly what contemporary bluegrass players are screaming for.) If you don't need to compete with fiddles, banjos and mandolins, still the Vintage OM might be just the guitar you've been looking for.

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