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Cort B5 5- string bass - Used


Brand: Cort


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Proud to introduce this Cort B5 5- string  bass - Used

Excellent quality!

One of the best spec'd basses in this price range. Mahogany body, wenge neck, Bartolini pickups and active preamp. Slim profile neck that feels incredibly solid, a great sounding B string and definition right across the tonal spectrum. The B5 is hard to beat.

Bartolini MK-1 Pickups and MK-1 EQ
The Bartolini electronics package on the B5 compliments the natural tone of the mahogany or swamp ash body.

Hipshot Lic. Tuners
Tuning accuracy and stability is what you'll get from the Hipshot Lic. tuners on the B5.

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