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Roland Bass Cube 30 - Used


Brand: Roland


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Introducing this Roland Bass Cube 30 - Used

Roland have been building World Class Compact Bass Guitar Amplifiers for more than 25 years and when it comes to compact Bass Amplifiers, the Roland Cube 30 Bass is in a class all its own. Roland Cubes are built like the proverbial outhouse and have a sonic presence that has to be heard to be believed.

This powerful and lightweight amp combines a 30 watt rms power amplifier with a custom designed 10-inch 2-way speaker with DSP modeling to crank out a range of popular bass amp sounds. There’s also onboard compression, 3-band EQ and digital effects making the Cube 30 Bass Amp simply incredible value.
Tight, Punchy Sound

The Roland Cube 30 Bass gives bass players loud and punchy bass tones and its compact size makes it supremely portable. Using a 30-watt amp and 10-inch coaxial speaker system—with powerful low end and an individual tweeter for clearer highs, this compact amp will knock your socks off! Onboard compression and 3-band EQ let you shape the tone any way you want.
COSM Bass Amp Modeling

Thanks to Roland’s COSM technology, the Cube-30 Bass can convincingly model six of the most popular bass amps of all time! Imagine dialling in an Acoustic Bass360, Ampeg Concert 810, Fender Bass Man and more to boot. There’s even an “Octave Bass” setting which adds a tone one octave below the original note for a truly earth-shaking sound.

Onboard DSP Effects

Roland were one of the original innovators of Digital Signal Processing or DSP as its more commonly known nowadays. With the Roland Cube’s onboard DSP effects, you can dial in a palate of impressive and useable effects without having yto deal with complicated setups. The Roland Cube 30 Bass includes everything you need: studio quality reverb and digital delay plus bass player’s essentials like chorus and flanger. There’s even a T-Wah effect for adding a sweeping filtered sound to your tone – great for funk bass…this alone is worth the price of admission!
A Marvel of Convenience

Regardless of whether you are practicing at home, laying down the groove at Church on Sunday or tracking in the studio, the Roland Cube 30 Bass will get the job done. With a 6.3mm (1/4″) Recording/Headphones output, you can connect directly to a mixing console or to a pair of headphones. A dedicated Shape switch makes it easy to instantly change your tone. Whether for practice or performance, nothing beats the Roland Cube 30 Bass!


Compact bass amplifier with 30-watt/10-inch coaxial 2-way speaker design
6 types of COSM bass amp models including octave bass sound
Convenient Shape switch for instant tonal variation
5 high-quality DSP effects: reverb, delay, chorus, flanger and T-Wah
Onboard 3-band EQ and compression with simple knob-based controls
Auxiliary and Footswitch inputs; Recording/Headphones output

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