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At Gladesville Guitar Factory we specialise in guitar and instrument repairs including servicing, re-strings, setups, re-frets, refinishing, neck resets, vintage restoration, blasting, cracked tops, broken or loose acoustic guitar braces, pickup installation, custom electronics, bone nuts and saddles, binding and major reconstruction. Whether it's a banjo, ukulele, mandolin or guitar we will treat your precious instrument with care, attention to detail and respect.

Guitars need regular servicing to maintain playability, electronics, action and tuning intonation. Changes in weather such as temperature and humidity as well as wear and tear on frets, nuts, saddles and strings can affect stringed instruments greatly.

We offer a complete repair and maintenance service, have qualified, experienced repairers and most work is done in our on-site workshop.

Due to our high turnaround of repairs we have a queue system and do not take phone, online bookings or on-the-spot repairs.
We are not able to do restrings or setups on Saturdays as it is our busiest retail day.

To book in a repair, simply bring your instrument instore. We'll check it out first-hand and find out how you'd like it to play then give you a price and turnaround time estimate.

Warranty work and some specialist repairs may need to be sent away for servicing. We'll let you know at time of drop off.
 Isaac Ware is our expert resident luthier.

The prices listed are guidelines only as exact requirements for each job can vary. Strings and parts are not included. Please refer to the repair conditions listed on our repair docket.


  • 6 string guitar - $50 plus strings
  • 12 string guitar - $60 plus strings

Set up and service

For a full service we first remove the old strings, polish and buff the frets and fretboard as well as clean any residue or sweat build up. If the board is particularly dry we may rectify this with a touch of lemon oil. After restringing we check the action (string height) and intonation (harmonics) using a combination of truss rod and bridge saddle height adjustments also checking that the nut is cut according to string guage with the correct string pitch (angle) and clearance. Care is taken to hand stretch and wind the strings correctly around the machine heads, this stabilises the tension and keeps tuning accurate. If it's an electric or has a pickup we plug it in and check the electronics, the pots and input socket for scratches or crackling, we use a specialist spray to clean them out. If permanent problems are apparent some electronic components will need replacing at further cost. If it has a tremolo we check that it functions smoothly and doesn't catch anywhere then fine tune accordingly. After this we clean your precious instrument and shoot you an email to let you know it's ready to be picked up.

  • Electric guitar - $145 plus strings - Level & buff frets, adjust truss rod, nut & saddle heights, intonation and setup.
  • Electric guitar with locking tremolo - $155 plus strings
  • Acoustic / Classical Guitar - $145 plus strings
  • Acoustic 12 string guitar - $155 plus strings
  • Mandolin - $145 plus strings - Level & buff frets, adjust truss rod, nut & saddle heights, intonation and setup.
  • Banjo - $145 plus strings - Level & buff frets, adjust truss rod, neck tension, head tilt, intonation and setup.
  • Cleaning fee - Eek - If your guitar is filthy our luthier will need to charge an extra $35!

Other Maintenance Work

  • Bench fee minimum - $50
  • Bench Fee 1 Hour - $100
  • Replace output jack (Bench fee minimum) - $50 plus parts
  • Banjo - Install Railroad Spikes in 7th, 9th and 10th frets $95
  • Fret Dress - $185 plus strings
  • Re-Fret Maple Fingerboard 
(includes lacquer touch up, new bone nut and setup) - $660 :: Stainless Steel $770
  • Re-Fret Rosewood or Ebony Fingerboard 
(includes new bone nut and setup) - $550 :: Stainless Steel $660
  • Partial Re-fret (Minimum 8 frets, includes new bone nut and setup) - $399
  • Bone Nut - new nut cut and fitted - $125
  • Bone Nut 12-String - $135
  • Bone compensated saddle - 
New compensated saddle cut and fitted - $105

Reglue Bridge - Quote only basis

Reglue Brace - $75 for first, $55 for every after

We also do a full range of guitar repairs and customisation including:

  • Shielding
  • Broken necks or headstocks
  • Bridge plane
  • Neck resets
  • Refinishing
  • Customising

All quoted on an individual basis, please bring your instrument in for a repair quote.

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