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AER Compact 60 Slope/3 - Used

Brand: AER

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Proud to introduce this Pre Loved AER Compact 60 Slope/3

Excellent Condition.

Comes with Bag and Power cable.

Channel one has a standard jack input with three-band EQ, plus a colour switch (a mid-cut/treble- boost), high/low input selection and LED clip monitor. Channel two features an XLR/jack combi input, with line/mic input selection, LED clip monitor and two-band EQ.

This wedge-shaped 'Slope' isn't a new amp as such, just a reconfigured version of the well-loved AER Compact 60, now in its third generation.

It's a highly transportable, lightweight (6.5kg) two-channel acoustic amp with 60W of output from a single eight-inch twin-cone speaker. As usual, all the controls run along the top, back edge of the amp.

The four digital effects (two reverbs, delay and chorus) are global via the pan control, which also allows you to mix in any external effects.

Finally, we have an overall master output control. On the back are outputs for headphones, tuner, line and DI outs, plus an effects loop.


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