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Dunlop Tortex Flex Standard 1.14 Players 12 Pack

Brand: Dunlop


12 in stock.

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These Picks are Flexin’
Dunlop guitar picks are a top choice of today’s pro musician, on stage and in the studio. And they come in a wide range of gauges, shapes, sizes, and materials for every style of playing, from jazz to country to metal. For players looking for a great all-around pick, Dunlop’s Tortex Flex guitar pick blends the durability of Dunlop’s Tortex line of picks with the flexibility, warmth, and expressiveness of nylon. Guitarists at Sweetwater agree: picks are an essential component of your technique and sound. Don’t sacrifice your tone — pick Dunlop guitar picks!

Dunlop Tortex Flex Guitar Picks Features:
Tortex memory and durability, with the warmth and flexibility of nylon
Shape: Standard
Gauge: 1.14mm
Quantity: 12

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