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Lovepedal Church of Tone COT 50 Boost Overdrive

Brand: Lovepedal

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One of the standards of the Love Pedal lineup is the COT 50 Boost / Overdrive, or “Church of Tone”. This pedal nails the early Hendrix and Billy Gibbons tones. It’s a must for lovers of articulate, raw guitar sounds with no compression artifacts. The COT only features one knob, a bias control, that controls the overall gain of the pedal. All other controlling is done from the guitar. The Lovepedal COT 50 is a pedal you can leave on all the time and get a diverse range of tones just by varying your guitar volume knob. Set this thing for “stun”, proceed to rock out, and then when you roll off your guitar volume it will clean up like a drunk before Sunday Mass.

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