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Lovepedal Eternity Roadhouse Boost / Overdrive

Brand: Lovepedal

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The Lovepedal Roadhouse Eternity can be 3 pedals in one – Overdrive, Treble Booster and Clean booster – depending on where you set the dials. You can also blend these 3 factors. It has a socketed IC so you can swap out different ICs (extra ICs are not included.). Darker tones brighter tones, etc. It’s a treble boost instead of a normal tone control. It is a very smooth type of OD. It can go from nothing at all to sounding like a very warm vintage overdriven tube amp or a clean flat booster or a treble booster even a tweed amp. With the treble boost all the way off, it is warmer than most tube amps. . The Eternity Overdrive always stays true to what’s coming out of your guitar so you never turn into the pedal.

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