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Neunaber Echelon Stereo Echo V1

Brand: Neunaber

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The Echelon boasts several innovations over the standard echo. Cross-fading Time Change does simply that—without muting or pitch change—while Scatter Repeats makes successive repeats more diffuse and complex. 
Echelon works mono or stereo. Using only Output 1, it is a single mono echo. Using both outputs, the default echo is a golden-ratio ping-pong—chosen for its elegant accumulation of echo repeats. However, other stereo echo effects are programmable with Pedal Customizer™. 
Whether you use a mono or stereo input, the input signal is preserved when routed to the outputs. It can even be used as a mono echo on stereo inputs (see Pedal Customizer™ software for details). The Echelon Echo contains subtle modulation and is gently band-limited for an analog feel without sounding low-fidelity. Band-limiting increases with the echo time, just as in nature, due to the absorption of high-frequencies in air. The optional µTap pedal is available separately and plugs into the Time expression input. Either time (in fractions of 1 second) or tempo subdivisions are set easily and intuitively using the Time knob.

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