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Perfect Touch Brass Flat Medium(2 pack)

Brand: Perfect Touch Picks


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The Perfect Touch Finger Pick Pair...a unique, innovative design from Rusty Thornhill, Tennessee, USA the polished BRASS Perfect Touch FLAT FACE Fingerpick is crafted and designed to give you maximum comfort in use, it will give you a warmer tone, more gentle than nickel silver. Hand crafted in Tennessee USA by Rusty Thornhill, this pair of matched Perfect Touch brass Finger picks. is Supplied with a lifetime guarantee that you won't wear them out.

Round Face, Flat Face, Nickel or Brass …The differences
Choose nickel if you want a bright crisp sound, choose brass if you like a warmer more gently sound.
In Use: The round face pick is stiffer than the flat face pick and will give you a slightly fuller tone. However, if you like to bend your pick around your fingertip, choose the flat pick. So, for both ends of the spectrum …The flat nickel silver pick will give you the brightest tone, the brass picks will give you the warmest full bodied tone.

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