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The GigRig 601UK Generator Power Supply

Brand: TheGigRig


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Need to power lots of effects? Different voltages? Different countries? No problem!
TheGenerator is at the heart of our Modular Power Supply solution. Using a combination of the Generator, Distributors and Adapters, the system can be configured to power nearly every pedal and every voltage out there. So what separates TheGigRig GENERATOR from every other 9V supply?

The GENERATOR delivers:
An unbelievable 5 Amps (5000mA) of power - the most powerful FX supply on the market.
Incredibly clean 9V DC regulated studio quality power supply.
Short circuit protection protects your precious pedals
Self-healing fuse. That's right, it heals itself!
Will work anywhere in the world between 110-250V. No more step-up/down transformers.
Small, light and discrete. Will fit on any pedal board.

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