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Wazinator Acoustic KSB319 Stombox

Brand: Wazinator

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The Wazinator is huge and most importantly musical. It produces a hefty low end with a round and woody tone. The frequency response range fits perfectly below an acoustic guitar making it the ultimate companion for a solo artist. If you’re a percussionist this is a very portable acoustic kick drum.

The Wazinator KSB319 is hand made and tested for build quality and sound quality. Made from plantation grown renewable pine and worked into an acoustically resonant shape. The electronic components are imported and assembled in Australia.

The pick up system is an original design owned by Wazinator Australia. It is a pump action unit that is akin to having your foot directly connected to the woofers in the PA system or your bass amp. The KSB319 is also inherently resistant to feedback at high volumes.

The Wazinator KSB319 is equipped with a safety valve that lets excess air out when you kick hard. This safety feature is designed to prevent you from blowing your speakers with an almighty stomp. The valve acts like an gain compressor and in no way affects the sound quality at lower pressure stomps.

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