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Wazinator Dropkick KSB883 Stombox

Brand: Wazinator

Sold out, please call 02 9817 2173 for next shipment.

Check out the new Drop Kick from Wazintor in a redesigned, compact size. The Drop Kick Eye KSB883 Stombox features: Eye catching aluminum die cast design. Extreme bass - no need to add EQ to get a great tone. Solid Tasmanian Oak impact bar - nothing beats the acoustic properties of timber. High gain - line level output - great if you have limited number of mic inputs on your mixing desk - no worries - input the Dropkick as line level. Passive analog electronics - no need to worry about batteries during your performance. Solid and reliable build quality that is built to withstand a pounding - literally. Weighing only 34 ounces or 950g - easy to carry to your gigs - great for flying with luggage restrictions. Professional instrument that delivers a consistent and musical tone, night after night.

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