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Matt Heath
Matt Heath
By popular demand we will be running ticketed events again in our upstairs showroom with funds raised going to support the Trish Foundation for MS Research (see footnote).
Events will consist of workshops and clinics, featuring music industry professionals, from session players, performers and artists through to luthiers and builders.
These will be VIP-style functions with strictly limited numbers.
Light refreshments and drinks will be provided and there will be time to network and socialise with like-minded guitar/music enthusiasts in a congenial setting.
The evenings will be informative and entertaining.
Footnote: Trish MS Research Foundation
The foundation is run by volunteers with the Foundation’s Directors covering all the administrative expenses and 100% of funds raised going purely to MS research. Being a small charity, their funding model is dependent on a large network of small fundraising events such as ours. To this end they have raised over $7,000,000 to date. While their ultimate goal is to find a cure, their funding has been instrumental in contributing to world-first, groundbreaking findings, allowing many people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to now lead relatively normal lives.  With many medications now available for Relapsing/Remitting MS, all funds raised by the Foundation now are being placed into Research Projects to solve Progressive MS. We encourage anyone who attends our events to contribute what you can. The more successful our events are, the closer we get to a cure. Looking forward to seeing you at one of our events soon.
To find out more about the Trish MS Research Foundation:

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