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Since 1972 Gladesville Guitar Factory has specialized in the selling and repair of all things guitars, and is and remains Australia's longest-running guitar store under the same ownership.

Ukuleles are a member of the guitar family that consists of generally five, six, or eight strings in total made from gut strings, nylon, or four courses of strings. Each ukulele's sound comes from its unique size and construction. Baritone, Concert, Tenor, and Soprano are the four common sizes. We would love to help find the perfect sound for you.

At Gladesville Guitar factory we've got an extensive range of Ukulele brands to choose from to suit your needs as well as some great prices to match.

Brands: aNue Nue, Bryden, Cordoba, Eastman, Godin, Gold Tone, Kala, Kamaka, Mahalo, Makala, Martin & Co, Maton, Ohana and Scott Wise

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