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GIbson Custom Shop Murphy Lab

Gibson Custom Murphy Lab Guitars
Introducing the all-new Gibson Custom Murphy Lab guitar collection.
It is not just a tribute to the priceless original models - it's a clone of them.
From laser-scanned dimensions to chemically-recreated plastics to color-matched shades of sunburst, every element has been rendered in unbelievable detail.

Instruments built-in the Murphy Lab department are ultra-accurate recreations of iconic Gibson models, that perfectly mimic the broken-in feel of Gibson from the Golden Era.
For 25 years, Tom Murphy has been replicating the vibe and character of vintage guitars. In partnership with the master luthier, Gibson scientifically reverse-engineered the original imperfect and brittle 1950/60s Gibson lacquer which was causing checks under the finish.
Every Murphy Lab-aged creation takes a completely separate path through the Custom Shop, receiving the Murphy Lab special lacquer formula and hand-applied Murphy Lab techniques.
Each Murphy Lab artisan has been trained by Tom Murphy to become an aging expert.
Gladesville Guitar Factory stocks a range of Gibson Custom Murphy Lab Guitars available for sale online.
Can't find the one you want? Contact us and one of our experts will help you or give us a call at 02 9817 2173 to speak to a member of our team today.
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