AER Front Foam For DOM2, DOM3, BCU2, S10P, CXL, AS360

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Front foam with AER logo for Domino 2/3

The foam is cut to size for the corresponding amplifier model.
Apply the foam as follows:
Remove the old foam without residue.
Behind the foam is a perforated plate bolted,
that protects the speakers
Mix commercially available wood glue with water in the ratio 1: 3
Stir well enough and keep the amplifier upright
to avoid liquid glue dripping on the speaker.
Now paint the grid with the glue and let the grid rest for about 5 minutes.
Now you can put the amplifier on the back and the new one
Press foam on the grid.
(Make sure the amplifier is on a soft surface)
After another 5 minutes, the foam is firmly attached to the grid.

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