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C Sharpener Chord Tool for Ukulele


Brand: csharpener


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The CSharpener is a revolutionary gizmo to help you learn how to play up the dusty end of your ukulele. It will help you find chords and to improvise.

The CSharpener consists of 2 parts . The Slide and the Truck. The Slide fits neatly into the Truck and moves up and down in clicks of a semitone to illiustrate 20 different colored chords in all 12 keys.

It uses colours to identify hundreds of different chords all of which are movable playable chords.

The holes in the Slide enable you to see which notes are in the chord and also neatly identifies the root note and so the name of the chord.

Besides neatly grouping the coloured holes to form chords , the CSharpener helps you improvise by clearly indicating the cool notes in each scale..

If you think all your solos sound like scales, this gizmo is what you need.

If you havent got a clue where to start solo improvisation, this gizmo is for you.

If all your chords are on the first 4 frets, this gizmo is for you.

Using the CSharpener will give your playing greater variety and also enable you to join in with other instruments and so have more fun.

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