AER Alpha Plus Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

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The Alpha plus is a complement to our Alpha, still as professional and versatile as the Alpha itself, but provided with increased power output.

With one channel but two independant input stages
(line and microphone/line), a dynamically controlled
50 Watts power-amplifier, 8“-twin-cone speaker-system, 3-band equalization and reverb, the Alpha plus
is applicable for the enhancement of a wide variety of
instruments just as well as vocals.

Although especially developed for acoustic instruments, the Alpha plus is suited excellently for all other (even electrical) instruments and the 48V-phantompower-supply of the XLR-input allows the operation of high-quality condenser-microphones.

The whole system ensures impressive dynamicsplus a well-balanced distortion-free tone at all sound pressure levels, despite strikingly small sizes and little

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