Achillies Apollo X 1 x 12 Combo Authentic Lacquered Tweed

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Apollo X

If X marks the spot, then the spot absolutely has to be in this amp - 14 cranking watts of pure rock ‘n roll glory driven from two 6V6 output tubes, a 5Y3 rectifier tube and either one 12-inch or two 10-inch Jensen AlNiCo speakers.
A hallmark of American rock heritage, the Apollo X drips attitude and is the ultimate choice for a low watt recording amp, just begging to be pushed into that sweet spot where compression, saturation and edgy overdrive combine into sonic heaven.

5E3 Features:
Custom Wound U.S.A Transformers
Output Power 14 watts
Output Tubes: 2x 6V6
Preamp Tubes: 1x 12AX7, 1x 12AY7
Rectifier: 1x 5Y3
Available as
Combo 1x Jensen P12R Speaker
Switchcraft Jacks and Plugs
Carling Switches
Achillies Power Caps (Made in Germany)
Sprague Orange Drop caps
Carbon Comp Resistors (Allen Bradley)
Chrome Dipped Stainless Steel Chassis
Authentic Hand Wired Layout
Cloth Covered Solid Core Wiring Throughout
Authentic Tweed Cloth Covering
Lacquered Nitrocellulose coating
Oxblood W/Gold Stripe grill cloth
Premium Select Pine Cabinet with Birch Ply Backs and Baffle
Traditional Dovetail Joinery
Proudly Hand Built in Australia
Tax included.