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D’Addario SET BASS XT NKL 50-105 LONG

Brand: D’Addario

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D'Addario XTB50105 XT Nickel Plated Steel Long Scale Bass Strings -.050-.105 Medium

D’Addario’s XT strings are among the longest-lasting bass strings we at Sweetwater have tested, thanks to their thin, durable coating. And we do mean thin — you won’t even know it’s there. XT bass strings employ D’Addario’s proprietary high-carbon steel core and fusion twist technology, ensuring that they play easier and stay in tune better, even under the heat of a live performance. XT bass strings boast nickel-plated windings with enhanced magnetic properties for increased output and enhanced dynamic range. Whether you play rock or soul, you’ll appreciate the clarity, warmth, and balance you get out of D’Addario’s XT bass guitar strings.


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