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Digitech Trio Band Creator - Digitech FS3X Foot Switch - Used

Brand: Digitech

$250.00 $349.00

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Used in excellent working condition. Visible wear and marks.


You can finally have a bandmate that won't bail on you with the Digitech Trio Band Creator. Whether it be for backup in performances or as an awesome tool for practice, you can use the Digitech Trio to auto-generate drum and bass parts for any of seven different genres, like rock, pop, and jazz, just by listening to you play. Change up the sound by picking one of twelve song styles for each genre and using either 3/4 or 4/4. If you need to recall a whole song, it's no problem; the Trio can learn and recall up to three different song parts for you to play with. With a slew of controls to play with and a highly intelligent system, you can use the Trio to build the backing you always wanted.

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