Gold Tone

Gold Tone LM Weissenborn

The laminated mahogany body and solid mahogany hollow neck of the LM is beautifully set off by original-style maple/mahogany "rope" bindings and a rich honey brown finish.

Because of the Weissenborn guitar's original-style construction, due care must be taken to use the correct tunings and string gauges in order to avoid bridge, bracing or neck problems. The strings supplied (gauged .014, .018, .026w, .034w, .044w, .056w) allow for G (DGDGBD), D (DADF#AD) and similar tunings. Your Weissenborn will not tolerate the excessive tension exerted by E tuning (EBEG#BE), Dobro G tuning (GBDGBD) or similar tunings. Using these or other non-recommended tunings will void the warranty. The total string tension exerted on ANY Gold Tone Weissenborn guitar should be no more than 165 lbs. when tuned to standard (A440) pitch. There are several online string-tension calculators available such as this one to help you to determine the correct string gauges for any tuning you might want to utilize. Available as left-handed model.

Top: Mahogany Laminate
Back & Sides: Mahogany Laminate
Finish: High Gloss
Fingerboard: Select Wood
Bridge: Ebony
Tuners: Kluson-Style
Inlay: Traditional
Binding: Rope Mahogany/Maple
Buttons: Metal
Hardware: Chrome Plated
Nut Width: 1-15/16"Bone
Scale Length: 24-3/4"
Weight: 5.2 lbs.
Tuning: DADF#AD
Tuning (Alternate): DGDGBD
Strings: .056w, .044w, .034w, .026w, .018, .015
Option 1: Weissenborn Pickup
Hard Case: HDW (Optional)
Bag: HBAG (Optional)
Left-Handed Available: Yes

Tax included.