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Gold Tone Sound Bird Custom Tenor Open Back Nylon Banjo

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The Soundbird is a new 4-string banjo designed by Wayne Rogers of Gold Tone and Paul Roberts. Optimized for nylon strings the Soundbird features Paul's innovative Neck-Lift design, which liberates a colorful palette of timbre-rich tone. By raising the fingerboard 3/8-inch above the head and aligning the strings on a parallel plain with the head, the Neck-Lift makes the strings fully accessible between bridge and rim, and uncovers a treasure of jewel-like tones along the banjo's full variable tonal spectrum.

Rim – 12”
Maple Neck – Maple with 2-Way Adjustable Truss Rod Fingerboard
Rosewood Bridge
Maple with Ebony Cap Finishing
Touches:Wood Finish
Vintage Brown Neck Binding
Celluloid Fingerboard Inlay 
Hearts and Flowers Body Binding
Celluloid Fiddle Headstock
Parts and Hardware:Tone Ring – Rolled Brass Tailpiece –
Heavy Duty German Made Tensiator Nut –
Zero Glide Dual Coordinator Rod
Configuration Tuners - Gold Tone Master Planets Plating –
Chrome Strings: .048w .034w .028w .028p tuned GDAE (octave below violin) or lower
Flat Hooks with Ballend Nuts
Steel Rod Tension Hoop
One Leg Armrest
Engraved Dimensions:
Scale 22-5/8”
Nut Width 1-3/16”
Bridge ¾”
Total Length 35-1/2”
Rim 12”
Weight 6.2 lbs
Frets 19
Head Size 12” Remo Renaissance, High Collar

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