Hannabach 815MT Medium Tension

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Hannabach Silver Special 815MT

• Full Set
• Medium Tension Classical Guitar Strings
• Suitable for all musicians who push the limits of phonetic individuality of their instrument.
• Offers pristine sound quality and fulfils professional demands for playability, intonation and tuning stability requirements.
• Precision-round (100% uniform round without irregularities or deviations) and higher silver-plated and against corrosion coated bass strings.
• Complete, bass or treble sets are available as well as individual strings.
• Trebles: Nylon precision-round, plain
• Basses: Silver-Special coated, wound

Item # Note Gauge (in.) Tension (lbs.) Material

8151_MT E/1st .0285 16.41 clear nylon

8152_MT B/2nd .033 13.94 clear nylon

8153_MT G/3rd .0412 14.39 clear nylon

8154_MT D/4th .0302 16.19 silverplated copper wound

8155_MT A/5th .0365 15.74 silverplated copper wound

8156_MT E/6th .0447 15.74 silverplated copper wound

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