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Kala Ukulele Bass Silver Plated Round Wound 4 String Set

Brand: Kala

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U-Bass Silver Plated Round Wound 4 string set
Designed for Kala's 4-string U-Basses, these U-Bass strings feature a nylon core with silver-plated winding. Thus, they approximate the feeling of metal strings, but are appropriate for this unique combination of baritone ukulele and bass. These strings are round wound, and provide a warm tone, as well as accurate intonation and lower tension, making them easier on the fingers than typical all-metal strings. This complete set of strings includes gauges ranging from .050 to .110".
This unique bass set is constructed of a nylon core with silver plated windings. Delivering a warm booming tone but with more top end than your standard Black Kala strings, these will fit on your U-Bass or any similar 18"-21" scale bass.



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