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Kinman Broadcaster Tele Pickups-Generation 2

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Do you want heavier and focused tone with lots of dynamics, drive and attitude? 

Brad Paisleys favorite pickups and you will feel confidently in charge of your guitar sounds too.

This set has authentic single coil high end cut and growls more than the twangy 60's Custom set.  The excellent dynamic range will delight Tele players who want powerful punch.  The middle position of the selector switch produces an intense cluck that some players have said is "to die for".

We recommend you scroll to the Technical & Application Info section below for important stuff you should know about the new Neck pickup.

The all NEW Gen-2 version neck pickup is very different to it's original 1st generation predecessor.  The taller coil, longer magnets and Kinman's patented magnetic focusing device produces non-aged sound which is much more alive and open.  The sound is punchier with increased dynamic range for more fluid touch sensitivity (strings feel more relaxed).  It's louder and brighter too so it will have to be adjusted somewhat away from the strings to balance with it's companion AVn-48b bridge pickup. 

Thanks to our new Chrome plated Nickel-Silver cover the neck pickup is not muffled as the original 60's Fender was, has open and clear Fender sound (real Chrome plated for extra durability and does not produce buzz when touched with your finger tips).  It has an arched top to allow staggered magnets for superb string loudness balance including the G-3rd.

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