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Kinman Blues (White) Set of 3

Brand: Kinman Pickups

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Set of 3.

Why do so many guitar players seek out the warm sound of a tube amp? The Blues set is less aggressive, warmer, rounder Aged *Strat sound with milder attack than the Trad Mk-III in clean mode and breaks into crunch more easily. Surprising Alnico detail with less brightness, medium strong output. The Blues set is also great for smooth overdrive sounds with 'clarity and TONE', with Zero-Hum.

Low magnetic string pull for longer sustain and less string crash and fret buzz.

Quite versatile. Best in a K5 or K7 NoSoldering Harness because some players might find the Blues set in the 'series' mode of the K9 will not have the highs and definition that the Traditional Mk-II and Woodstock's have.

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