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Kinman Converge-3 (2 in 1) Humbucker

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Realistic Fender or P-90 split single coil sound plus a very nice humbucker sound
at the same volume level in one pickup, and Zero-Hum from all.
The Kinman 'Converge 3' is our Magnum Opus of humbuckers. It's our Pièce de résistance, a masterpiece; the most memorable accomplishment of one's career or lifetime, our Magnum Opus ..... and look mum, no battery.

Main Points: It's a humbucker where three different Zero-Hum sounds converge and all have similar loudness. The caricature sound of a great '59 Gibson humbucker as well as optional P-90 sound -or- a Gen-2 Tele* 60's Custom bridge sound ... all from one passive, switchable pickup. More info below.

The Split Single - Zero-Hum: the one producing the Fender sound has fixed rod magnets (like in the picture above). The P-90 version has 2 rows of adjustable screw poles and is designed to install so that the split single is closest to the neck, not the bridge.

Distinctively Fender twangy Telecaster split coil sound with snap and twang on the low wounds and Fender crystalline plain strings that somehow are more outstanding than genuine Fender pickups. Zero-Hum
P-90 sound that is remarkably similar to an actual P-90, you know, stellar highs, luscious lows, focused growl and great dynamic response. Zero-Hum
The full humbucker sound - Zero-Hum: is in a word, remarkable. Punchy low end with a bit more clarity than the usual humbucker. The plain strings sing with a fatter more beefy sound than the split single and have good presence. The preset jangle control ranges the sound of the low wounds from extra fat n thick to bright and jangly bordering on single coil sound ... and anywhere in-between. We set it to a happy medium so there is an obvious difference to the split single coil sound but you can experiment to find your own preference.

Splitting Controls: A DPDT Push/Push switch is included for the purpose of splitting the coils. It has two purposes, first is the Push/Push switch that splits the coils .... and secondly the rotary part can be specified as a Volume control or a Tone control which has our switchable Hi-Definition Tone cap as well as a normal .022uF cap. A third option to split the coils is a mini-toggle switch which has the hardware to mount in a 3/8 inch (9.5mm) hole for American pots. The same switching functions happen with both types of switch.

The Converge-3 is suitable only for guitars with the same number of Tone controls as there are Converge-3 pickups that you want to install, I.E. some guitars such as PRS have only one Tone control so only one Converge-3 Humbucker can be installed, the other can be a Kinman Gen-1 humbucker in the bridge position such as the wonderful Twang-Bucker Whopper or P90-Bucker Heavy that are not splittable.

Strats and Les Pauls** and similar will accept two Converge-3 humbuckers.

This unique humbucker is necessarily supplied with our special combined Push/Push control that splits the coils and engages the hum cancelling device while the rotary part is either a Tone control for the pickup or it can easily be reconfigured to a Master Tone for all pickups. There is also available an optional Push/Push Phase Reversing control for the Peter Green sound. This control can be configured as a Volume control or Tone control for this and/or another pickup according to your requirements.

Replaces standard size humbuckers in all guitars but it's not suitable for modern Gibson Les Pauls that have controls mounted on a circuit board unless you ditch the Gibson harness and replace it with a Kinman KHP-90 Goodbye Soldering Harness. Also not suitable for Gibson SG, ES-335 or other thin body guitars because the splitting switch requires a minimum 35mm control cavity depth unless a mini-toggle switch is used.


Includes Push/Push splitter switch with combined Tone control for the pickup.
Optional Mini-Toggle switch for splitting the coils
Mounting hardware - see Mounting hardware below

28mm deep(from top of D magnet to bottom of pickup)
7mm deeper than a standard humbucker
Width 38.3mm x Length 70mm (standard humbucker size)
Cavity depth

30mm measured from the underside of the E-1st string (fretted at the 14th) to the cavity floor.

Phase Reversing Push/Push control that can be configured as a Tone or Volume control for this pickup or other pickup(s) or as a Master.
Hook-up wires

Converge-3: 6 or 7 core shielded cable made in-house. 380mm / 15" long for neck pickups in Les Pauls and shorter lengths for Strats. Ask for your own lengths. Bare ends wires for easy connection to the splitting Push control.
Other brands of guitars which have comprehensive shielding in the wiring tunnels and control cavities. can have 6 or 7 un-shielded different colored single wires.
Connection means available

6 wires connected to the Splitting control have ...
two 3 pin plugs that connect easily to the three screw-down connector blocks. Requires adequate diameter wiring tunnels.
bare wires that will pass easily through small diameter wiring tunnels
from the splitting control to the guitars wiring
bare wires for soldering to your existing harness
2 pin plug for connecting to a Kinman harness
Pot & Capacitor values

Best with 250k Ohm for Volume for both full humbucker and split single coil modes. Many Gibson's have 350k which is fine. 500k volume pot causes excessive dynamic range which some amps won't handle well. We include a resistor with each Converge-2 that renders a 500k pot to 250k.
Tone pot can be 250k or 500k, not a lot of difference.
Normal tone cap value of 0.022µF in 63 ~ 100 volt Polyester. Smaller value lessens the severity of Treble cut, higher values increase it.
Control Cavity depth

Minimum 38mm for the splitting and jangle control
Pick Cavity depth

With our hum sensor attached the inclusive height is 4mm taller than a regular humbucker which is 22mm making total height 26mm. Most pickup cavities are deeper than required so in reality the Converge-3 may very well install without deepening the cavity.
Output Polarity

in-phase with all other Kinman pickups
in-phase with Gibson and Copy humbuckers
opposite phase to Fender
Phase Reversing control available (Push/Push)

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Kinman Converge-3 (2 in 1) Humbucker

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