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Kinman Hank Marvin Shadows - Impersonator 54 (White) Set of 3

Brand: Kinman Pickups


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Set of 3.

Our new non-aged sound Impersonator 54 v5 with a nice twang is practically identical to a real Fender CS-54 Strat* pickup which Hank says is the right Fender pickup for his Shadows sound. Authentic Position 2 & 4 Knopfler-esque ‘cluck’ sounds. Authentic Strat* sounds with Zero-Hum.

Recommended especially for Hank Marvin's 60's Shadows instrumental tunes but also good for other musical genres (including Jazz) where a slightly less aggressive Strat* sound with less upper midrange bite (than the Impersonator A56 and Impersonator Fat 50).

Balanced G string loudness, no Ice-pick, low string pull and no Strat-itis. Graduated loudness bridge pickup in this set.

Alnico-K** rod magnets exert less magnetic string pull for longer sustain and less string crash and fret buzz.

This could not be achieved with conventional technology, it took several revolutionary technologies that were pioneered and developed over many years and Patented by Kinman. The name was chosen for the obvious sonic similarity to Fender’s CS 54 and was developed at the request of Hank Marvin of The Shadows to achieve his 60’s twangy instrumental lead guitar sound, without hum.

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