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Kinman Impersonator MV Modern Vintage Set of 3

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Impersonator MV (Modern Vintage - formerly known as Impersonator 54 v5) with Kinman's Gen-2 technology

Outstanding sonic characteristics:  You can expect the sound of a real Fender Strat* pickup but with more bite from the high plain strings and more loudness.  Produces a very nice twang (slightly less aggressive than the other Impersonators), noticeably scooped midrange and very nice high note bite and bloom more so than other Strat pickups (play the YouTube above).  Better dynamics than real Strat pickups and more bounce from the E-6th low wound.  Highly authentic Position 2 & 4 Knopfler-esque ‘cluck’ sounds.  Read our Blog Why is Kinman the King of noiseless?  A critical evaluation of the 54 and E56 with audio.

Extremely versatile, from Hank Marvin (modern) to Yngwie Malmsteen. 

Signal chain requirements:  Any old cable won't do.  It is best to use a low capacitance cable to get the incredible performance of this pickup.

Enjoyability factor on a scale of 1~10:  Eleven, with the best Fender non-noiseless Strat pickup being 10.

Additional benefits:  There is 40% less magnetic string pull than regular Strat pickups so consequently there is no Strat-itis frequency warbling and string crash, just sustaining pure musical energy alive like you've never heard before.  Balanced G-3rd string loudness.

Loudness Slightly louder than the Impersonator E56.  The Kinman Texas Jalapeno is a louder pickup which has even more bite and volume for the bridge position.   The Big-Nine-O is a good companion bridge pickup that is louder and ballsier but position 2 sound will be more cluck than quack.  The Kick-in-the-Arse is the loudest Strat pickup we make, and it's very very loud.

The Impersonator MV is very sensitive to height adjustment.  Be sure to follow the guide lines in the Technical section (2nd Header from the left).

Tech stuff:  The Gen-2 models have taller magnets and taller coil with Kinman's patented magnetic focusing tone enhancing device incorporated.  In concert with a squashed 600 Ohm hum-sensing coil all these new features produces non-aged sound.  As of 10-Sep-2018 the pickups that have narrow and intermediate magnet spreads will incorporate our new Gen-2+ compensation technology which restores the noticeable loss of attack & presence when the magnets are spaced closer together.

You will also like the balanced 3rd string loudness and our Alnico-K** rod magnets for low string pull and no Stratitis pitch warble.

Works well in any Kinman Goodbye-Soldering Harness for Stratocaster.

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Kinman Impersonator MV Modern Vintage Set of 3

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