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Kinman Nasty 90 P-90 (Cream) Neck & Nasty 90 Heavy P-90 (Cream) Bridge Set

Brand: Kinman Pickups

Sold out, please call 02 9817 2173 for next shipment.

Nasty 90 – (formerly Nasty 90n) this version of the P-90 Hx is the Kinman most like a regular P-90 by Gibson. Easy growl on the wound strings and sweet biting plains. Great both-on-together scooped cluck sound.

Neck position: Sounds similar to a conventional P-90 but sweeter highs (no offensive mid spikes).
Bridge position: Nasty 90 Heavy -very loud, thick, dark and syrupy sonic texture. Sounds similar to and growls and grinds like a humbucker but with better definition on the low wound strings. Huge wall of sound when played loud clean of under gain.

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