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Kinman Tele 60s Custom Set

Brand: Kinman Pickups


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Set of 2.

The most defintive classic Tele tone was made by the 1960's white-edgebound Custom Tele with single coils. These AVn-60 series pickups give you a Caricature sound of those very rare guitars that you can have for your Tele too. The 60's Custom set is bright but never thin, has improved focus, twang, dynamics and high end chime. Great for chickin pickin country lead or any other classic Tele style. The middle position of the switch sounds better than with original Telecaster pickups.

Imagine the very best Telecaster tone that you can remember; this set has more body & girth which means they never sound thin or excessively bright. The sound has very nice complex Alnico midrange detail and has Zero-Hum and zero microphonic whistle. Other features players will be delighted with is the superb dynamic range and string output balance.

This set has Kinman's propriety Alnico low strength magnets, like all our Fender type pickups, so string pull is minimized, sustain is longer and there is less rattle and buzz from the strings crashing into the frets from excessive magnet pull.

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