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Kinman Tele Blaster Tele Pickup Set

Brand: Kinman Pickups

Sold out, please call 02 9817 2173 for next shipment.

You want really loud? You want really great dynamic sound? You want a Blast? You found it here, the Tele Blaster set has our renowned Bridge Blaster and the new matching Neck Blaster, the loudest, most dynamic and most powerful Tele pickups alive that have Alnico rod magnets. These pickups are so loud they match the loudness of a Gibson Les Paul or SG so players who complain about the loudness difference of their Fender and Gibson take note.

One customer from Texas recently wrote "These are off the chart excellent!! I've tried so many conventional and noiseless....I'm fortunate I did not give up the search for the best. My search is over with Kinman. In my personal observation, these are so good, I'm retro-fitting all my guitars with Kinman. Thanks a million for THE BEST pick-ups made!!! Ciao Terry

You want the much loved in-between sound with both pickups on together? Far from being sacrificed for loudness you'll get the BIGGEST Tele hollow cluck sound you've ever heard. Yessirree Bob, all of that with Zero-Hum and then some.

Normally pickups this loud and fat sacrifice sonic character and dynamics but not Kinman's that have our marvelous Gen-2 technology.

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