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Kinman Traditional Mk IV (White) Set of 3

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Set of 3.

The Mk-III set has even more of a vintage sound flavor; the Mk-II set was quite strong on the plain strings and the overall impression of the sound was a little 'in-your-face. The sound of the plain strings on this upgrade is less in your face, absolutely vintage and noticeably sweeter. Like the Mk-II this set has 'slightly-aged' sound for more defined midrange (less scooped) which is better for live performing.

Only the most privelleged players have heard genuine original vintage pickups because they are so rare. They had a big, bold sweet, elusive sound that modern pickups just can't capture. The Traditional Mk-III set sounds remarkably similar to the best Strat pickups of yesteryear. Complex Alnico character, excellent dynamics, projection and definition that are retained even when distorted. Fluid, shimmery, chimey highs (never thin or Ice picky) More punch and thwack on the wound strings than a regular new single coil. Has excellent twang and growl. Absolutely authentic classic slightly-aged vintage Alnico Strat* tone, with Zero-Hum. 

Low magnetic string pull for longer sustain and less string crash and fret buzz.

Very versatile. Buy this set if you want crystal clear sounds that don't break up easily. Dramatically extended versatility with a K9 NoSoldering Harness but works in the K5 & K7 harness very well also if you don't need the additional sounds of extended switching options.

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