MarkBass CMD102P IV 2x10 Combo

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The CMD 102P bass combo from Markbass is one of the most versatile combos you'll find in the company's lineup. It features a pair of 10" drivers that give it an aggressive and thick sound, and a piezo tweeter for beautifully clear and natural higher frequencies. In addition, the combo can also be used as an eavesdropping speaker, and on large stages you will appreciate the possibility of expanding it with additional speakers from the Traveler or Standard series. In short, you can easily handle this apparatus in virtually any situation.

Compared to its predecessor, the fourth model is equipped with, for example, a two-band limiter, which allows a faster response with better dynamics, a mute switch or, for example, a switch for equalization modes (Flat, Scooped, Footswitchable).

To adjust the volume of the sound, there are Gain and Master potentiometers, with Gain setting the signal level before entering the preamp, and Master setting the overall volume. Equalization of the sound is done via four controls, namely Bass, Mid Low, Mid High and High. All these potentiometers have a range of +/- 16dB at a given frequency, which is 68 Hz for Bass, 360 Hz for Mid Low, 800 Hz for Mid High and 10 kHz for High. It's really no problem to set up any quality sound you want. For even more versatility, you'll also find an "Old School Filter," which you can use to attenuate the high frequencies for a nicely rounded sound.

The rear panel of the unit houses the speaker-out outputs, both in the form of a 6.3 Jack and a Speakon-Combo from Neutrik. It is possible to use either just the internal speakers or just the external box, and it is also possible to combine both. Next to it is a pre/post-EQ line-out with Ground-Lift switch, and below that is an unbalanced tuner-out for connecting a tuner, but any other device not requiring a balanced signal can be plugged into it. The last elements are the parallel effects loop input and output, and on the top you'll also find the footswitch input. For optimal sound projection, the cabinet features a bass reflex located on the front of the unit. The frequency range is 40 to 18,000 Hz, the crossover is set at 3.5 kHz, and the speaker sensitivity is 101 dB SPL.

RMS Output: 500 W
Speaker: 2x 10 "
Controls: Gain, Low, Mid Low, Mid High, High, Old School, Line Out, Master
Limiter: Yes
Compressor: No
External Speaker Cabinet Output Port: Yes
DI Output: Yes
Effects Loop: Yes
Headphone Output Port: No
MP3/Line In: No
Battery Operated: No
Bluetooth: No
Integrated Tuner: No
Tweeter: Yes
Dimensions: 585 x 470 x 475 mm
Weight: 17.3 kg
Country of Production: Italy
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