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The MXR CSP099 Custom Shop Phase 99 is a Limited Edition pedal based on the classic Phase 90 Phaser. It is actually two Phase 90s in one and is packed with hidden features. This new MXR Custom Shop pedal is styled out in the same bright orange livery of the classic Phase 90 pedal – a pedal made famous on many of Eddie Van Halen s recordings, adding shimmery velocity to lead passages or a more dramatic swoosh to muted strumming. The Phase 99 combines two of these circuits into one standard sized MXR stompbox. Both Phase circuits can be run independently of each other from separate outputs, or feed into each other and out from a single output.

The Phase 99 creates a multitude of sounds from a subtle, long cycle to a fast, watery warble… and 100s of sparkling vibrations in between. Selectable vintage and modern voices and the ability to sync the rate of each Phaser expands the usability of this pedal even more, truly epic atmospheric tones can be achieved.
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