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Planet Waves American Stage Instrument Cable 10" R/A

Brand: Planet Waves

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Planet Waves American Stage Guitar Cables save your tone from being mangled before it hits your amplifier. American Stage Cables use audiophile-quality wire and custom-designed Neutrik 1/4" plugs that make a robust connection and deliver your precious tone with pristine clarity. So because sound quality and and reliability should be at the forefront of every player's needs onstage or in the studio, you don't want to compromise by using inferior cables. Open your ears to the difference a great cables make, and trust your signal to Planet Waves American Stage Cables.

Planet Waves American Stage Cables Guitar/Instrument Cable Features:
Audiophile-quality wire made in the USA
Reproduces the natural tones of your instrument with zero interference
Precision manufactured using only the finest materials
Exclusive in-line solder process creates a permanent bond between wire and plug
Geo-Tip Neutrik connectors add stability to you connections
Clear connection with incredible strength and durability
Trust your guitar/instrument signal to Planet Waves American Stage Cables.

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