Pro Co RAT 1986 Black Face 3-B - Used

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Excerpt on the history of the RAT copied from thejhsshow.com.

In 1986, we saw the small box receive its first cosmetic change. The 1984 white-fill screen print logo proved to be too difficult to produce without smudges, smears and inconsistent results. A close look at most any “White Face” RAT will show you the sloppy printing results. The white ink was too dense and easily gathered in the screen producing chunky lines and gobs of white ink making the type sets and lines blurry or hard to read. As a result, the V3-B known as the “Black Face” RAT is nothing more than a logo fix-- and a very good one at that! 

The white block logo is replaced with simple, thin lines that build out a very clear, easily printable graphic on the black paint of the enclosure. This new logo permanently removed Sound Inc. from the RAT’s aesthetic due to the fact that small accent text is nearly impossible to print clearly (as seen in the “White Face” version). Many of you have been told that the “Black Face” version sounds different from the earlier, more coveted “White Face,” but that is completely false. The V3-B is simply a cosmetic change due to screen printing errors.

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Pro Co RAT 1986 Black Face 3-B - Used

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