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Thomastik GB112 George Benson Jazz Strings 12-53

Brand: Thomastik-Infeld

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Product Description
The dynamics of GEORGE BENSON JAZZ GUITAR STRINGS by THOMASTIK-INFELD were designed-in from the beginning. Like true intonation. Excellent sustain. Superior durability. And of course, a feel you simply have to experience. Just ask George. They´re designed to his specs.

George Benson Jazz (Custom Set)
Set: Custom Flat Wound | Set No.: GB112
ins mm lbs kp
P12 E 1st Plain Steel .012 0.30 22.8 10.3
P16 B 2nd Plain Steel .016 0.40 22.8 10.3
GB20 G 3rd Nickel Flat Wound .020 0.51 24.6 11.2
GB28 D 4th Nickel Flat Wound .028 0.72 27.3 12.4
GB39 A 5th Nickel Flat Wound .039 0.99 24.8 11.3
GB53 E 6th Nickel Flat Wound .053 1.34 26.0 11.8

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