Thomastik Mandolin Strings Flatwound

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Instrument Mandolin
Number of Strings 8-String
Wrap Material Polished Chromed Steel
Construction Flat Wound
Coated / Non-Coated Non-Coated
Gauge 10 - 32
Gauge (high to low) 10 , 13w , 20w , 32w
Ball End / Loop End Loop End
Tension (lbs) 17.4 , 15.4 , 15.4 , 15.4.
The Thomastik-Infeld Mandolin strings are a clear leader in producing quality sound from your Mandolin.

Apart from the plain mandolin E string, these strings are made of tin-plated silver steel, flat wound with chrome steel wire and finely polished.

Their elastic, steel alloy core has high inertia to musical vibration. On the instrument, the mandolin strings sound clear and brilliant, with no metallic twang. The string's structure has been optimized for tremolo play. This string set responds well to fast changes of fingering. Tuning is stable and the strings are durable. Thomastik-Infeld mandolin strings are supplied in pairs, and we recommend changing strings two at a time.
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