Vox VMG-50 Mini Go 50w

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The VOX MINI GO covers all the bases from practice to live performance—at home, in concert venues or out on the streets.

The VOX MINI GO 50 guitar amp can be taken with you anywhere you go, letting you enjoy playing anywhere, whether at home, on the street or in a concert venue. This amp is lightweight, compact and can be powered by a mobile battery. It also offers powerful and realistic amp models based on those found in the Cambridge50, as well as a newly developed vocoder for talking modulation effects, onboard effects that let you create a diverse range of sounds, a mic input, AUX input, a headphone jack and a rhythm machine that can play back patterns from many genres… all as standard features. This model also includes a looper, which you can use along with the effects and rhythm machine to add variation to your solo performance.

Amp models based on those found in the VOX Cambridge50
Built-in effects add colour to the guitar sound
Rhythm machine makes playing even more fun!
Built-in looper functionality
Features a variety of input/output jacks—great for playing and singing solo!
Can be powered by a mobile battery—the perfect choice for street performance as well
Selectable power amp wattage
Amp and effect settings can be saved
Use a VFS3 foot switch to control various features such as the rhythms and looper
Tiltback mechanism makes the amp easy to use as a monitor while
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