Wild Dog Bunyip Stomp Box-Deluxe Timbers w/ Jingles

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Wild Dog: Bunyip Stompbox

The latest generation of stompboxes created from Wild Dog STOMP Australia, previously known as Bigfoot, offers an updated stompbox range. This Wild Dog 'Bunyip' stompbox model is the top model we have at the moment in the shop.

The Wild Dog 'Bunyip' Stompbox in addition to the great deep kick drum sound, also has embedded two jingles that add definition and a tambourine-like element to the stompbox. The jingles can also be muted by two simple screws on the top of the jingle themselves.

This model focuses on the toe sound and provides a launching pad for the heel, creating less effort and a cleaner strike.

The Bunyip stompbox is very stable thanks to the non-slip feet that keep it attached to the floor while tapping.

This stompbox comes with a protective Neoprene sock that protects it from accidental movement.

The Wild Dog 'Bunyip' Stompbox is handmade in Australia from solid dlx timbers and a variety of currently available salvaged timber.

Length: 30 cm
Width 13.5 cm
Depth 3 cm

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