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Wolfgang Jellinghaus - Milestones Of Music - Anna G/P w/Case

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The Milestones Anna BB Guitar is crafted with Red Western Cedar for the top, Purple Heart in the back and Granadillo Sides, and an Ebony Fingerboard. Its neck profile has been specifically designed for enhanced comfort and playability. Ideal for intermediate to advanced players and specialists, this all-solid, mature tonewoods guitar produces a resonant, crisp, full sound with excellent projection and abundant sustain. As with other Wolfgang Jellinghaus models, the Milestones Anna Recital is renowned for its powerful, well-balanced tone.

Luthier Wolfgang Jellinghaus was born in 1951 in Dortmund, Germany. His father, Walter Jellinghaus, was himself a guitar maker and naturally introduced the craft to Wolfgang at a young age. In 1978, Wolfgang opened a retail music shop called Musik Jellinghaus GmbH and in 1983. In 2013 he set up a small boutique, a traditional workshop that specialized in making high-quality guitars in the style of such great historical makers as Lacote, Torres, Hauser, and Ramirez, among others. Wolfgang’s Guitars are very unique, and maybe some of the best-made guitars in today’s market. Once you try one you’ll understand.

Model:Anna G/P


B/S:Padauk/Purple heart/Granadillo




Finish:PU lacquer

Machine Head:1:16





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