Yamaha TRBX304 Electric Bass-White

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Bring your sound to the next level with the Yamaha TRBX304 bass guitar and its comfortable and perfectly balanced solid mahogany body. This high-quality bass guitar features Yamaha's exclusive Performance EQ active circuit with five full-spectrum EQ curves that give you instant access to the sounds you need. Powerful two-band master equalization lets you shape and define your tone to make it your own. The pickups on the TRBX304 feature oversized polepieces and ceramic magnets to provide a clear, strong tone coupled with stupendous definition and depth. Your performance on this guitar is clean and noise-free thanks to the pickups' hum-cancelling design.

Maple / Mahogany 5-Piece Neck
Solid Mahogany Body
Performance EQ Switch
Yamaha’s exclusive Perfomance EQ active circuit with five performance-tuned full spectrum EQ curves
A powerful two-band master equalization shapes and defines your tone
YGD-designed M3 pickups feature oversized polepieces and ceramic magnets for a clear, powerful tone with incredible definition and depth
Integral thumb-rest provides unrivaled playability
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