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DiMarzio EP17J06RRBK 6in American cable Overbraid


Brand: DiMarzio


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Tailor-made for pedalboards, DiMarzio’s patch cables boast pro-grade nylon overbraid construction, yielding maximum signal transmission and near-zero high-frequency attenuation. This cable features bulletproof Switchcraft connectors, which are encapsulated in an ultra-rugged thermoplastic resin that bonds the connector to the cable. There’s a reason why DiMarzio offers a lifetime warranty on these cables — they’re as close to indestructible as we’ve ever encountered here at Sweetwater. This 6-inch DiMarzio jumper cable includes two right-angle connectors.

DiMarzio Patch Cable Features:
6-inch pedalboard jumper cable with 2 right-angle connectors
Pro-grade nylon overbraid construction
Yields maximum signal transmission and near-zero high-frequency attenuation
Bulletproof Switchcraft connectors encapsulated in ultra-rugged thermoplastic resin
Lifetime warranty
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