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Our luthier workshop (the big jobs) is closed for 2023
We are still taking instore repairs (the small jobs) such as re-strings and basic setups - call 9817 2173 for info about this.
We do not service or repair amps or effect pedals at Gladesville.
Please CLICK HERE for our recommended technicians.
Meet Isaac our Luthier, specialising in re-fretting, neck re-setting, broken headstock repair, vintage inspired wiring, top end guitar setups and more.

At Gladesville Guitar Factory we specialise in guitar and stringed musical instrument repair.

The majority of our workload is pro level setup work, re-fretting, vintage and modern wiring looms, passive and active electronic work, structural , broken headstock repair and neck resetting of both bolt on instruments and traditional dovetail joints.

Please check out the the basic price guide below for our more common repair enquiries.


Please Fill Out the Repair Enquiry Form:

Repair Price Guide:

The prices listed are guidelines only as exact requirements for each job can vary. Strings and parts are not included.
Please refer to the repair conditions listed on our repair docket.


In-Store Repairs



Restring: 6-String
Acoustic or Electric

$65 + Strings

Restrings are a basic service offered by the retail staff in store - Lightly clean instrument and replace with the customer's choice of strings.

Restring: Locking Tremolo

$75 + Strings

Shop all strings 

Restring: Mandolin or 12-String

$75 + Strings

Shop all strings

Restring: Ukulele

$45 + Strings

Shop Ukulele Strings

Workshop Repairs



Pro Setup and Service:

Luthier work completed on-site or at off-location workshop.

$195 + Strings and Parts

  • Check for loose frets and re-glue if necessary
  • Level worn frets - light re-crown if needed and counter-bevel fret ends
  • Polish and detail fingerboard
  • Adjust truss rod, nut/saddle heights and set intonation where applicable
  • Clean electronics with deoxidizing spray
  • Restring with customers choice of strings

Fret Dress and Setup

$225 + Strings and Parts

This applies to the guitars that have excessive fret wear but do not qualify for a refret

Refret Work:

Refret work involves:

  • Removing old frets
  • Levelling fingerboard (on neck jig if necessary)
  • Cleaning and recutting fret slot depth where necessary
  • Refret with with nickel/silver or optional stainless steel fret wire
  • Fret dress instrument post lacquer work if required
  • Setup instrument with new bone nut (other materials available)

Rosewood / Ebony


Nickel / Silver Fretwire. Acoustic or Electric

Rosewood / Ebony


Stainless Steel Fretwire. Acoustic or Electric



Nickel / Silver Fretwire. Maple fretboards require lacquer touchup to finish



Stainless Steel Fretwire. Maple fretboards require lacquer touchup to finish

Bridge Reglue


Cost may vary in some instances depending on the severity of the repair

Brace Repair

$85 for first

$65 for additional loose braces found

Hand-made nut / saddle

From $145

We make new nuts and saddles from billets of varying materials including bone, tusk, micarta and carbon fibre.

Hourly Bench Fee

$110 p/h


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